Key Detector

Have you found a keychain with my keys? Could you send it to me?

Do not forget to place your Living Solutions keychain along with the keys to your house or car, and thus in case of loss or theft, we will be able to retrieve and send it to you without anyone being able to identify it. To request your keychain please call
+34 91 832 98 98 and we will send it to your address as soon as possible so that your keys are always located.

If you already have your keychain, to start protecting your keys from now, call us at +34 91 832 98 98 and provide us the code specified on your keychain, which will serve to identify it and return your keys in case of loss.

Most importantly we protect you and your family.

Service available: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Activate my key detector
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